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Financial Performance

Team Building & Search

Rubycom have been asked by several clients to advise on the optimum structure and required skillset for finance teams, and are now offering this as an additional service.

Team Building

Firstly, if you think you need to recruit additional finance expertise or resource into your team, we can help you pinpoint exactly the skillset, expertise and role requirement.

Someone leaving your company or an expansion, is a great opportunity to look at the make up of your finance team. In our experience, it is rarely a direct replacement that is required particularly for more senior roles. We have worked within, grown, developed and managed finance teams in SME’s and major global businesses, so using our own experiences we are well placed to advise on this.

If you think your finance team is not quite right, or need more resource, or additional skills or improved performance and delivery, this should always be your first stop.

Get in touch today, and we would be happy to sit with you and review your requirements and advise you on the optimum finance team make up for your business.


Secondly, as serial networkers ourselves, we are placed to connect you with the right resource to fill gaps identified in your team. We have already been doing this informally for several of our clients and are pleased to be able to extend out this service.

We are not a standard recruitment business. We will look at things differently, and use our own experience built up over many years to help you get the right finance expertise into your business and Improve Financial Performance.

We are always working on several assignments, but never advertise these roles. We always work through our network.

If you would want to make contact and join our network, either as a potential candidate or client please get in touch today.

We would be delighted to make contact and meet up for an exploratory chat.

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Other services

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If you want to make contact and explore how Rubycom can support your business and Improve Financial Performance please get in touch today.

Scott at Rubycom has greatly improved our key business data, forecasting, business planning and strategic thinking around our business.

MD, electronics manufacturing business, Morayshire.

The team at Rubycom have given our business great support this year in restructuring our debt finance to reduce costs. Cash management has greatly improved. Business performance is now improving quickly.

General Manager, Automotive business, Aberdeen.

Scott very quickly got a firm handle on our business issues and worked fast to improve our management information, provide clarity on our financial performance, and improvements to our forecasting and ongoing cash management and profitability. Very impressive and excellent value provided in a short space of time.

Owner / Director of manufacturing business, Inverness.

Scott of Rubycom provided invaluable support during the start up phase of our business. The constant focus on cash has been a great discipline and routine. We now have a business performing strongly, on the back of the input, advice and work provided by Rubycom.

Events business, Edinburgh.