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Finance Training & Development Services

It always amazes us that Engineers, Business Development, Project Managers and others are thrust into Management roles with Profit and Loss responsibility without any formal training or expertise on understanding financial statements, budget preparation, cash management and capital appraisal.

Understanding and using these key financial drivers is usually key to said individual performing well in their new role.

Equally, this can also apply to business owners, who may be very good with their customers and their product, but as their business grows, need to become more financially astute to drive the profitability and cash generation in their business.

Financial Training Modules

Rubycom offer several finance training modules, that are delivered in person or via skype to meet this very need. Often, companies lack the internal resource and time to offer this important development. Using our own experience and expertise, Rubycom offer this service.

The modules can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, and the timing of the module delivery can be done to work around your work hours. The modules can be delivered in day blocks, or in two hour weekly slots, in the evenings, weekends or during your working day.

If you are about to move into a management role with Profit & Loss responsibility, or are running a fast growing SME, or need to refresh your practical finance skills, get in touch for a discussion with us. We will figure out quickly if, how and where we can assist you, and help you Improve Financial Performance.

Details of upcoming courses to be announced soon

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If you want to make contact and explore how Rubycom can support your business and Improve Financial Performance please get in touch today.

Scott at Rubycom has greatly improved our key business data, forecasting, business planning and strategic thinking around our business.

MD, electronics manufacturing business, Morayshire.

The team at Rubycom have given our business great support this year in restructuring our debt finance to reduce costs. Cash management has greatly improved. Business performance is now improving quickly.

General Manager, Automotive business, Aberdeen.

Scott very quickly got a firm handle on our business issues and worked fast to improve our management information, provide clarity on our financial performance, and improvements to our forecasting and ongoing cash management and profitability. Very impressive and excellent value provided in a short space of time.

Owner / Director of manufacturing business, Inverness.

Scott of Rubycom provided invaluable support during the start up phase of our business. The constant focus on cash has been a great discipline and routine. We now have a business performing strongly, on the back of the input, advice and work provided by Rubycom.

Events business, Edinburgh.